Celebrating Akins IT and our Employee of the Quarter- Michelle!

June 15, 2021/

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/by Akins IT

Last Thursday, Akins IT finally got the band back together to celebrate two huge events- our 10 Year Anniversary and our Employee of the Quarter- Michelle!


June 7, 2021 marked the 10th year that Akins IT has been in business. We would like to say thank you to all of our clients for their loyalty and support throughout the years!

cheers to 10 years

Michelle exhibited two main core values this past quarter- GROW and RIGHT. Michelle recognized issues with our human resource and finance vendors, so she found a vendor who consolidated all our needs into one platform. By making this change, she helped Akins IT build a better company by providing better resources for the employees. 


Our celebration started with tacos and drinks, followed by games and dessert. We split the group into two teams, Red vs. Blue, where they competed in a series of brain teasers and physical challenges. Some of the challenges included Akins IT Trivia, Decipher the Riddle, Toss like a Boss, and Crack the Code! It came down to the last challenge where Team Blue cracked the locker code in a matter of seconds and ended up victorious! 

Check out photos of the challenges below! We had so much fun!









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