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May 28, 2020/

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Azure Backup is Microsoft's backup solution for workloads on-premise and in Azure.

Azure backup can be configured to occur as often as daily, and weekly, monthly, and yearly restore points can be set as well.

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Azure Backup Vault



Microsoft Azure Backup Server is the utility used by Microsoft to process and offload on-prem data backups. It stores a short term recovery point in your data center, and restore points out of the set retention range will be offloaded into a recovery services vault in Azure.

Install the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent - Azure ...

Mock Microsoft Azure Backup Server deployment


It can also restore a SQL VM to an IaaS database, reducing the amount of overhead needed when restoring SQL. If availability and resiliency to data center loss is a requirement for your business continuity plan, store your data in a

different region than workloads, that way your data can be restored even if all of your IT infrastructure was destroyed tomorrow.


Watch the video above to learn the process of creating a recovery services vault, configuring your backup policy, and adding protection to an Azure VM.



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