Cryptocurreny and The Blockchain

January 8, 2018/
/by Akins IT


Author: Michelle McKernan

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon an online article about cryptocurrency.  I then proceeded to spend many hours reading, researching, and studying blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing.  I became fascinated to say the least and I quickly learned that there is a very large and very enthusiastic community of people from all over the world that believe in and are invested in this thing that many refer to as “Bitcoin.”  The huge transfer of wealth happening right now is nothing short of life changing for those that are invested.  In a relatively short amount of time and often very small investments, millionaires are being made every day!

I am more than excited with the gains my crypto investments have made thus far and will continue to make in the future!  At the same time, I am fascinated with blockchain technology.  It is the backbone of Cryptocurrencies, but is also so much more!  It is revolutionary and we are at the beginning of amazing transformations that will take place in both our businesses and our personal lives.  My best advice to anyone thinking of entering this world of cryptos is to take the time to learn about blockchain as it pertains to cryptocurrencies & altcoins. Also, study up on how this technology will soon disrupt pretty much every single industry and where it will take us all in the very near future.  With this knowledge under your belt, along with some cryptocurrecy market training (I watched hours of youtube videos!), you will feel confident in your investment choices!  Also, as you will quickly learn, this is a very volatile market often manipulated by hype and rumors, so DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose!

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