We're Hosting a Customer Immersion Experience for Education

January 18, 2018/
/by Akins IT

Next week on January 25th, we will be hosting a customer immersion experience (CIE) for the education industry at Microsoft's office in Irvine, CA. This will include a presentation from Microsoft as well as a hands-on piece where guests will get to interact with Microsoft devices and technology in a simulated environment like a classroom. 

This event is extremely limited in space and is first come, first serve. We will be hosting more in the future (and likely for other industries as well) so if you miss this one, be on the lookout for future events! 

Course Overview

This is a guided learning experience to explore the features Microsoft’s platform includes that pertain to the classroom and real world situations in schools. Experience a staged environment that has fully embraced the Microsoft ecosystem and learn what wonderful things are possible.

This course's intended audience are IT Directors, STEM Leaders, Heads of School and key decision makers. Technical experience with the Microsoft platform is not required or assumed.

What You'll Learn

In the immersion experience session of the series we will cover:

  • Get your hands on the new Windows Surface devices
  • Explore the new Office Experience
  • Create powerful Online Lessons
  • Capture Class Details
  • Collaborate on campus
  • Co-author content quickly
  • Explore the Classroom Notebooks in OneNote
  • Stay in touch with Students and Parents
  • View data in new ways
  • Leverage Social Networking on campus

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