How to Stay Productive During the Holidays [List]

December 11, 2017/
/by Akins IT


Author: Jaime Garispe

The holidays are such a happy time and one that most people look forward to. We get to spend more time with family, eat delicious food, and spend time with friends and coworkers at holiday parties. Sometimes the excitement for Christmas to come along can be a distraction from work so here are some tips on how to keep up with work during this time and remain productive.

  1. Separate personal and work time: Trying to shop online while in a meeting or conference call is probably not going to end well.
  2. Don’t procrastinate! Try to take care of some holiday shopping earlier than usual and begin other year end tasks for work sooner than usual to reduce stress during the holiday season.
  3. Take some time off. If you find yourself having a hard time focusing, consider taking a couple of days off to take care of personal tasks and obligations like holiday shopping. With this done, you’ll likely be able to focus better when you’re back at work.
  4. Take care of yourself. Avoid overeating and overdrinking at holiday parties. You’ll likely feel it the next day at work, both mentally and physically!
  5. Be realistic. There can be a lot of competing demands for friends' white elephant exchange parties, work holiday parties, family events, children’s events, etc. Don’t overcommit and cause yourself unnecessary stress.

And the most obvious of all- remind yourself to focus if you notice yourself becomng distracted. Even though Christmas and holiday festivities often begin in early December, the whole month isn't a holiday. 

Happy Holidays!