Malware/IPS Prevention: A Next Generation Firewall Must-Have Feature

August 6, 2019/
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Next Generation Firewall Must-Have Features

Part 3: Malware/IPS Prevention

In today’s digital age, security has become tantamount to success in ensuring business continuity. That said, ensuring that the latest and greatest security measures are in place on a network’s perimeter security appliance is crucial in ensuring a healthy and vulnerability-free network. In this blog, the NG or “Next Generation” firewall will be showcased to underscore some of the top modern-day features that should be taken into consideration when purchasing or refreshing a new firewall. These features will reduce the probability of successful attack, consolidate feature-sets, and ensure an optimal network. 

IPS/AV Blocking

One of the most important features from a strict security perspective is the ability to block newer malware, viruses, and prevent unauthorized outside access from entering the network. Most NG firewalls are perpetually updated to prevent new, “zero-day” threats on the network and can aid in protecting both the internal LAN segments from infected devices and prevent outside connections to internal or DMZ segments.

Fortinet provides a web-based tool at that runs a multi-virus test to test the overall security of a perimeter device. In the webinar, a test was run and all viruses were effectively blocked before hitting the internal segments. Logging was also provided to demonstrate the nature of the virus and origin.

Stay tuned next week for Part 4: web filtering

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