Web Filtering: A Next Generation Firewall Must-Have Feature

August 14, 2019/
/by Akins IT


Next Generation Firewall Must-Have Feature

Part 4: Web Filtering

In today’s digital age, security has become tantamount to success in ensuring business continuity. That said, ensuring that the latest and greatest security measures are in place on a network’s perimeter security appliance is crucial in ensuring a healthy and vulnerability-free network. In this blog, the NG or “Next Generation” firewall will be showcased to underscore some of the top modern-day features that should be taken into consideration when purchasing or refreshing a new firewall. These features will reduce the probability of successful attack, consolidate feature-sets, and ensure an optimal network. 

web filtering

There are many environments that have both a dedicated web filter and a firewall. In many cases, both appliances could be consolidated as many NG firewalls can perform advanced web filtering and application filtering.

Generally, categories are pre-built in order to give a headstart in mapping out rules for management. This makes deployments fairly turn-key where basic web-filtering rules are needed in order to meet certain requirements.

Both web traffic and application traffic can be effectively monitored and managed by applying dedicated application and web filters on the firewall’s forwarding rules. In our example, the site, Facebook.com was blocked via SSL decryption which was created through an application rule.

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