Team Akins at VMworld

September 1, 2016/

in Akins IT Culture

/by Akins IT

This week a couple of our favorite teammates made the trek out to Las Vegas for a full-blown-tech immersion at VMware’s VMworld. Chris and Spencer have been attending breakout sessions, participating in hands-on labs, and upgrading their CVs with the latest info from leaders in virtualization technology.

Among a handful of exciting announcements they reported, is VMware’s update to its Virtual desktop line (VDI). Long touted as a more secure and cost effective solution to large-scale deployments, virtual desktops struggled to deliver on the lofty promises made since their inception. As the industry quickly found out, the overall stress placed upon networks and system resources often times led to a less-than-acceptable user experience. VMware claims that their revision to the software makes it more efficient, adding that the new update was fine tuned to improve performance on iPads and similar tablets.

This development could prove instrumental for companies looking to leverage both A.I. and Big Data integrations with hosted systems in the cloud. Which begs the question; “Will we see a rubber-band effect, bringing centralized computing back to the forefront of modern business?”



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