That Remote Life: An IT Manager’s Perspective / Chapter 1

February 26, 2021/

in Remote Work

Historically, working from home used to be a pipe dream that people, who were putting 60-80 hours in the office with driving to and from, would always talk about. I do not think that most people would have ever thought that this “Pipe Dream” would not only become a reality, but to have it forced upon us because of a global pandemic.

Without delving into the global impact that this pandemic caused in our Industry, from clients to IT providers, I thought I would talk about the challenges and successes that I have experienced as a parent, an employee and a leader in IT.

Chapter 1: Routine

Often taken for granted, this past year has really hit home the basic human need for routine. I guess it did not occur to me the difference between getting up and getting ready to be out in public was so different from getting up and getting ready for your home. I come from a very traditional Irish family where my Mother’s day was built around us children and our home and I never stopped to think about her routine and how she managed herself in that environment.

I found myself getting ready for my day out in public and the office, but to then only sit down at the Computer I normally sit at when I get home at the end of my day. I experience a very pronounced feeling of something missing. Almost like you got ready for a night out and your mind is set, for then to be told it’s cancelled. A profound feeling to be sure and a confusing one which let me know I didn’t have the experience to know how to handle it.

Here I am, getting to spend more time in my home and with my Family which I always dreamed of and realizing I was woefully not prepared for it. So the first person I thought of was my Mother, so I called her. 

To be continued... 

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