Working Remote and Staying Productive with Teams Meetings

March 12, 2020/

in Microsoft 365

/by Akins IT

Remote work on the rise? Check out some of Microsoft Team's helpful meeting features.

Meet Now

Instead of being able to hold an impromptu meeting in your physical office, you have the ability to jump into a virtual one on the spot! In place of creating a separate meeting invite and waiting for members to accept, you have the ability to hit "Meet now" in your Teams calendar and invite your team members you'd like to join. Each member invited then receives a prompt to join automatically. Meet Now will be your time saver for those last minute or informal regroups.

meet now

Background Blur

Remote work means more video conferences. This also means exposing your personal space which could include that laundry pile you haven't gotten to yet. Background Blur is a great tool to keep at home users comfortable with video conferencing and also keeping viewers focused on the presenter.

background blur 2

background blur

Start Recording

Between connection issues or unexpected distractions at home, remote users can often be exposed to more distractions or road blocks then they would experience if they were in office. Teams has a feature to easily record any meeting with a simple click. Having the option to record meetings gives users the ability to not only review information they may have missed, but also to share that information with others.

recording teams

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