Vanguard University Secures over 1200 Accounts with Password Policy

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About Vanguard university

  • Industry: Upper Education

  • Number of users:

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Business Challenge 

The university was concerned about security on their environment because they were heavily reliant on their infrastructure and applications. They wanted their security gaps identified so they can get take action in getting them resolved.

How we helped

Akins IT conducted a complete cybersecurity assessment with our security experts to identify weaknesses in their security profile and recommended the following:

  • Helped the university achieve a proper AD Connect by updating the Source Anchor to link active directory domain services (AD DS) to objects in their azure active directory environment
  • Enabled MFA and implemented automatic risk remediation for identity security
  • Fully implement password and identity policies


The assessment identified the security gaps, so Vanguard was able to clean up a lot of security holes and implement a new password policy, forcing SSO and new passwords for over 1200 accounts.  This improved their security posture and allowed them to continually improve it.